Quality Statement

  • Total Quality, Defect Free
  • Active Monitoring
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality is Built In
  • Quality that sets the Standard

    Atlas Magnetics is committed to consistently provide our customers with “Total Quality, Defect Free” products. We have established a philosophy to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. This philosophy is actively monitored throughout our entire manufacturing process. Incremental and continuous improvement is a standard team effort established and maintained. We recognize that delivery and quality are dependent upon the control of the product and process and is the responsibility of every team member. All employees understand that Quality is built in and not added on. Quality that sets the standard is our objective.

    We place a strong emphasis on quality design and engineering, internal testing, and waste prevention. All our products are manufactured and tested to assure product quality and conformance and to prevent deviations in our performance. We recognize the importance of environmental management and pollution prevention. By reducing emissions and waste, we promote an environment-friendly workplace that is socially responsible.